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Without your invaluable help and support we cannot start to make this world a better place where people respect each other and appreciate the differences that make us who and what we are. The vision of TI–UK is a world in which society recognises and celebrates diversity and in which all men, women, boys and girls peacefully coexist with all their inalienable differences. TI-UK is a vibrant organisation set up by a number of other pioneering organisations to provide support to victims of intolerance and extremism. There are many ways you can help.

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Without your generous support we cannot carry out our programmes, respond to social problems and meet our goals. If you would like to donate today, please click here.

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Click here to take part in one of our organised events or organise your own fundraising activity. Check out all the exciting ways you can support us, have fun and get fit along the way.


We know your time is very precious and that you may have a busy and demanding schedule, but if you could spare a bit of time and would like to volunteer at one of our events please click here.

You will have the opportunity to learn new skills and meet new people. What better reason to volunteer!

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