Together, Ticking CO2 Off

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The Human & Habitat Campaign
The H & H Cycle

The H&H campaign is a pioneering international programme focused on tackling climate change through promoting sustainable development. It focuses on regeneration and conservation of the rainforests which are home to 1 billion people living in extreme poverty. It also undertakes renewable energy projects to benefit impoverished communities. It reduces their dependency on activities that cause deforestation. Projects include wind turbines for street children sanctuaries, solar power for the Amazon communities, hydro electric plants to provide electricity for 200,000 indigenous people and energy efficient stoves and solar ovens for rainforest communities.

TICOFF Project Map

In partnership with likeminded organizations TICOFF has access to social development projects worldwide. Our projects, as part of the greater H&H Campaign, aim to bring environmental and social justice to impoverished communities. TICOFF Projects vary from regeneration and conservation of rainforests, renewable energy, methane reduction, energy efficiency/ behavioral change, recycling, to biomass. These include reforestation of the Amazonian Basin in Peru, the Cerrado savannah region in Brazil, renewable wind energy farms in India, and energy efficiency practices in Kenya and Mexico . We are currently developing similar projects in various communities of South America, Africa and Asia. Read more about our projects below.

Reforestation in the Amazon
Wind Turbine for the Street Children complex of Chimbote
Hydro electric plant for the people of Chapas
Solar energy for communities in the Rainforest
Energy efficient stoves for communities in Peru