Together, Ticking CO2 Off

Understanding Offsetting
What Is Carbon Offsetting

In the context of our environmental impact we must admit that the world is truly a small place. CO2 emitted in any part of the world affects the whole Planet. This means that it could also be balanced through an environmentally positive activity in another part of the world. This is the idea behind carbon offsetting.

      Understanding Carbon Offsetting

For example, if your business produces 1000 tonnes of CO2 per year, by investing in a project that reduces CO2 emissions in another part of the world by 1000 tonnes you can offset your business emissions. The money is used to replace technologies that use a great deal of fossil fuels with low carbon ones. Other projects include reforestation and conservation of depleted rainforests.

How it works:
  • Emissions are calculated, and then appropriate ‘credits’ are allocated from emission reduction projects.
  • These credits are then taken out of circulation so cannot be double-counted or traded.

Offset my carbon foot print
Our Projects

Why offset

We must all take ownership for our carbon footprint. It is only upon taking full responsibility of all our emissions that we will reduce by all possible measures our unnecessary energy usage. Committing to going carbon free and offsetting excess emissions will play a huge role to drive this process because, as committed members, if we don’t reduce it we will have to pay to offset it.

Offsets help reduce emissions in more ways than one

  • Enables businesses to reduce emissions and go CO2 Free
  • A statement for people to take responsibility for their impact on the climate
  • Raise awareness about the methods available to deal with climate change
  • Provide vital funding into low carbon technologies
  • Fund our H&H projects designed to deliver sustainable social development to some of the world’s poorest communities